Ardex UK

Lead generation & Increased market share for challenger brand

Creative Advert & Social Media Marketing Campaign

ARDEX UK approached us with the belief that we could help them to stand out in an industry where bravery and boldness are nowhere to be seen.

We pitched an ideal concept to gain traction through social media feeds. We included humour for memorability, and sculpted a strong marketing message to ensure that the campaign would deliver leads. These creative videos were paired with a targeted paid social media campaign to accurately reach and influence the target audience.

'The Origins team not only delivered an incredibly original, engaging video that is like nothing else in our industry, but they also managed our social media advertising campaign to promote the video, which helped us generate a large number of high quality leads. It’s my favourite campaign ever, the results speak for themselves, and the team are a joy to work with.'

Lee Hayward
Marketing Director

Behind the scenes

A glimpse into the production process. From green screening a beach scene, to shooting product visuals of Punky Penguin!

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