BWC Profiles

Viral Video Campaign for traditional B2B

Creative Advert & Social Media Marketing Campaign

BWC Profiles had seen some of our highly creative viral video productions, and immediately connected with our philosophy for creating content that is highly original, and therefore powerful in helping companies to smash their goals.

They understood that in traditional B2B markets you only have to be slightly different to unlock significant upside. If you’re the polar opposite of your overly corporate competition, the gains are absolutely astronomical.

And so we went to work on creating a set of highly effective video assets, with a strong sales message and plenty of humour to drive both brand awareness and to generate leads. Their video assets have been utilised on their website, and landing pages to boost conversion rates within their Google and Bing PPC campaigns, and are sat poised ready for a LinkedIn lead generation campaign to gain maximum value from this content.

'We love our video production and can't wait to put it to work to generate some noise! The Origins team are highly creative and their output is of superb quality, beautifully coupled with being organised, driven and professional. I would highly recommend them to everyone and anyone in my network that wants their business to stand out from the crowd. Keep up the good work Origins of Motion Ltd.'

Danny Varley

Behind the scenes

A glimpse into the production process. From turning BWC's warehouse into a film set, to booking an entire spa for some calming visuals!

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