Man Up?

High-End TV Ad for Mental Wellbeing Charity

TV Ads, TV Advertising, Branded Video, Narrative Video

The opportunity to partner with Man Up? Meant a lot to our team. A number of our team members are passionate about mental health issues, and ALL of our team are passionate about high-end cinematography, TV Ads production, and branded video production.

The creative direction for this video was both developed and executed by our core in-house video team, using almost exclusively our company owned equipment. It therefore gives a strong sense of the quality of production that we can achieve as an agency.

75 hours of planning, 5 days of filming, 5 crew members, 4 actors, 6 locations, 6 editing days, and the resulting content is a branded video with the potential to drastically increase awareness and enhance the charities ability to impact lives.

'I was completely blown away by our short film created by Origins. Not only did the team 'get it' and what MANUP? is about, but every creative decision made in this piece was thoughtful, powerful and moving. I cannot thank the team enough. This is an incredible piece of storytelling, it is full of heart and honesty which is genuinely moving.'

Phil Mcewan
ManUp? Board Member

Behind the scenes

A glimpse into the production process. 80 hours of planning, 4 days shooting, and a complex video edit to achieve the impact of this powerful short film.

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