Royal Society of Chemistry

High-end Creative corporate video

Corporate video, Promotional Video, Website Video

The RSC tasked us with creating a premium corporate video project to communicate both their vision and mission to their internal stakeholders and their wider audience. The message was developed carefully alongside their team and the visuals captured in order to depict the multi faceted functions of this large organisation.

This production was organised by our designated project manager, who was able to seamlessly coordinate the 7 different shoots that took place across the UK, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable process for our client.

'The RSC has worked with Origins on numerous projects, and so we are confident to say that all films delivered by Origins are to the highest standard, in the right tone. The team are very approachable, talented and extremely helpful on our projects. It's been a fantastic experience working with Origins team! Highly recommended to everyone!'

Lingyu Wu
Multimedia Editor

Frame by frame

A beautifully rustic location, 5 actors, and a projector bring this otherwise standard corporate project to life.

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