Uganda Marathon

Animated Ad to generate emotion

2D Animated Explainer Video

Uganda Marathon approached us to produce a series of short animated videos to promote their event. They described an ‘adventure like no other’ and tasked us with capturing the essence of the event to move and excite their audience to action.

Without the ability to fly to Uganda, and lacking a solid archive of footage, we opted for a 2D animated cartoon, rich in colour, african music, and illustrations of African scenery.

Uganda Marathon were delighted with these videos, and utilised them across paid social media ads, on their website, and on their event landing pages.

'We absolutely loved our animation from Origins. The uniquely Ugandan feel, the colour scheme, the feel of the landscapes, the overall vibe were been captured perfectly.'

Henry Blanchard

Frame by frame

Animations go to another level when you take the time to produce amazing illustrations. This short film is based on just 3 scenes, but don't they look great?!

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